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How to Promote Your Android Games

It is easy to develop android games. However, marketing your game is a bit tricky. It is important to get the promotion right. Marking a mobile is time-consuming if you are doing it for the first time. And it is costly.

Create a solid marketing strategy before launching your game. A good marketing strategy helps you to reach the target audience. Use proven marketing strategies.

Here’s how to promote your android game.

1. Website

Create a website for promoting your game. Hire a web designer to design a professional and beautiful website. Most people do some research before downloading and installing a mobile game. Therefore, make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Provide as much information as you can about your android games. Show people how to install the game. Teach them how to play the game.

Learn how to rank your website in the search engine. You can use relevant keywords. Use beautiful images. Add the social sharing buttons. And write long-form content.

2. Forums

Create your own forum or use the existing forums. Existing forums have thousands of users. Use the existing forums to generate targeted traffic to your games quickly. Interact with the people in these forums. And interact with other game developers.

Write about your game on these forums. The post may get negative and positive comments. Not everyone will love your games. Therefore, you should not give up when you get negative comments. In fact, read the negative comments. They can help you improve your game. You will learn how to improve your game just by going through the negative comments.

3. Use Social Media

Social media is great for promoting android games. It can help you connect with your customers. Include social sharing buttons in your game. And make sure that it easy to share game’s achievement on social media.

It is easy to build trust on social media because more people will connect through your game. Therefore, they will share your game easily. You will get new users daily.

4. Video Sharing Sites

Share video previews of your android game on the top video sharing websites. Videos are great. They can help you promote your videos. In fact, most people love watching videos.

Create video ads and post them on these websites. People will watch your ads. Give your viewers a sneak peek of the game. If they like it, they will download it immediately.

5. Make a Freemium app

This is one of these best ways for promoting android games. Free apps increase your user base. They familiarize your users with your games. If the users like the freemium app, they can buy the full version. Launch a free game with an ad. Let the ad run for a few weeks. Why? Because it increases your users. Ask your users to upgrade later.

You now know how to promote your Android games. Use a marketing strategy you love. And avoid jumping from one marketing strategy to another. If you have decided to use social media, focus on social media. Learn everything you can about social media marketing.

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